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Eliseo Fresquet-Serret Somnis de Joventut

Eliseo Fresquet-Serret, "Somnis de Joventut"

Fingering: Renato Bellucci

Allow me the honor to present a Catalonian musical jewel by one terrific Catalan composer: Eliseo Fresquet-Serret: "Somnis de Joventut" (Dream of Youth). This is the world premiere of the work which Maestro Eliseo dedicated to me and I wanted to I record and teach on mangore.com. I owe the honor of having met this great Spanish composer thanks to my great friend and colleague Josep Mercader. He mentioned Eliseo to me a couple of months ago and made it clear that he was certain that his composition "Somnis de Joventut" would be a great addition to the online masterclass series and most definitely a piece that will find its place among the great compositions from Iberia. Eliseo's work belongs up there with Torroba, Albéniz and Granados. In coincidence with the recording of my new CD I decided to record this magnificent piece. I did so this early morning hours and I am amazed at how Spanish and Romantic the piece is. I will post more tomorrow because it is almost 3 AM and this player needs some well deserved sleep... 

Catalonian Composer Maestro Eliseo Fresquet-Serret

The music of Catalonian Composer Eliseo Fresquet-Serret speaks of a man deeply embedded in his counry's music and traditions. The Spanish sound is immediately evident in his compositions and the gentle as well as scarce yet very poignant dissonances speak of the best guitar music. I am honored to premiere this work and offer it to my students the world over. Below is the dedicated score Masetro Eliseo sent me. 

Dedicated to Renato Bellucci

The Dedicated and Signed Work reads: "It is  a great honor for me to dedicate this composition, to the Great World renowned  Maestro Renato Bellucci" Cordially Eliseo, Lloret de Mar, Girona Espña, 28-10-2014   Below is a picture of my great friend, studet and colleague Josep Mercader posoing with one of the Bellucci guitars he purchased from me (He purhcased 3 to date). Josep is the men responsible for putting Eliseo and I in Contact. Thanks Maestro Josep!

Guitarist Josep Mercader
"Sonis de Joventut" Recorded in San Bernardino, Oct-28-2014

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Staff and Video 1

Maestro Eliseo knws that the guitar shines in the tonality of E and makes great use of the arpeggios so as to mark the territory and the span of the music that is about to come... The half notes chords create a beautiful aural tension which is resolevd a little further ahead.

Video 1

Staff and Video 2

Here the introductory arpeggios give way to the main theme The first series of arpeggiated runs and trills appear and this is the first main motif which marks the character of the piece and fills the misic with Spanish flavor.

Video 2

Staff and Video 3

Here Maestro Eliseo plays with an indecise motif that tries to escape harmonic resolution. This create s dance-like harmonic pattern with exquisite dissonances that only add beauty to the work.

Video 3

Staff and Video 4

The 2 introductory motifs interlace and they start dancing amongst each other. I find it lovely how Maestro Eliseo Fresquet-Serret uses ritardandos. He knows very well that a well manipulated tempo is crucial in making music infinitely more interesting. 

Video 4

Staff and Video 5

After pushing the harmonic tension to a climax, Maestro Elsiseo finally resolves the phrase magestically and he does so while introducing yet another motif at the very end of staff #5

Video 5
San Bernardino, Paraguay, October 28, 2014
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