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Bach Allemande

Bach, "Allemande"

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

Renato Bellucci transcribes and teaches BachAllemande. This is yet another monumental piece by the genius of Johannes Sebastian Bach. Without a doubt the most illuminated musician in human History. Fantastic counterpoint, and beautiful medium length musical phrase make this Allemande into a true jewel of the Baroque. Once again Bach reaffirms his command at the head of a handful of true giants of music, and yes, the man who inspired me to sign all my work S.D.G. (Soli Deo Gloria) just like he used to sign his scores. What amazing proficiency is displayed by Bach in each one of his amazing compositions ! Exuberance and a profound knowledge of Beauty and form. He injects out minds and souls with a certainty that one of God's great manifestations is Beauty. The Almighty uses docile souls such as Bach's to deliver a token of beauty and love to us all.

Renato Bellucci plays "Allemande BWV 996"

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Recording Allemande, Christmas Day 2014

Staff and Video 1

Getting the Elbow by the Side of your body will help position finger 4 on the Bass B at the beginning of the second measure.

Video 1
San Bernardino, Paraguay, Dec. 11, 2014 - S.D.G.
San Bernardino, Paraguay, Dec. 25, 2014 @ 04:AM - S.D.G.

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