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Lionel Richie Endless Love

Lionel Richie, "Endless Love"

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

"Scott Spencer's novel is bound to be mystified by Franco Zeffirelli's latest film, which reduces ''Endless Love'' to a whimperingly latter-day ''Romeo and Juliet'' with a little pyromania thrown in... " These are the words with which a writer for The New York Times started describing the 1981 blockbuster "Endless Love". Although one can criticize and judge the film from different angles, one thing is certain: People starve for a Romantic Story where lovers die for one another and every young man in my generation was "lost in love" with Brooke Shields' stunning beauty. Add to this already unbeatable formula the fantastic score that Lionel Richie came up with and sang in duo with legendary Diana Ross and you have the perfect formula to create a movie that will be impressed i everyone's memory for  along time.

Rotation of the Left Hand

Pull-Offs are are accomplished by having both fingers that perform it down on the fingerboard. The hand participates actively and the work is not performed by the finger alone...


Slides allow the player to freeze one finger or more (fijación)and change its position on the fingerboard using the arm. Depending on how heavily we stop the note being slided, the note will make a more or less sonorous tone


Extensions and Contractions are usually followed by each other. Technique, when it is right, has a way of balancing the forces being used in achieing given results. In the animation below, as finger 4 contarcts, it also acts as a lever to help move the fingers on the fingerboard with greater ease and control (staff #5)

Contractions, Extensions & Levers
Renato Bellucci plays "Endless Love"

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Staff and Video 1

Video 1
San Bernardino, Paraguay, January 13-14, 2015, S.D.G.  8:47 AM
Revision: Asunción, August 24, 2016 @ 10:16, S.D.G.

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