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Micalizzi Franco Lultima Neve Di Primavera

Micalizzi Franco, "L'ultima Neve Di Primavera"

Version and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

I was watching one of those Italian TV shows that remembers "great TV
moments form the past". RAI International, the Italian National TV
channel that broadcasts via satellite to the world, has a lot of these
programs and for a very good reason: Italy generates an amazing output
of music and art that it would be impossible to list in its entirety.
Well, one of those great moments from the past had to do with the score
of the 1973 movie "L'ultima neve di Primavera" (The last snow of spring)
celebrating its 40th anniversary this 2013.
It is a precious melody
that holds the spirit of a naive yet amazingly sweet and penetrating
melody. It grows into several climaxes, all non pretentious yet full of
power and if you have seen the movie, it can even bring a tear or 2 down
your cheeks.

"L'Ultima Neve di Primavera", Oct-13-2014

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Staff and Video 1

Keep the right hand fingering simple and consistent. The melody will mostly be carried on the first string and the a finger is typically the finger that generates the best sound from the first string. Hold the F# in measure 1 to create a beautiful sustain. Finger 3 holding the F# on string 1 acts like a lever. It bends and helps the player present finger 2 on the low G on string 6. Use finger 3 to stop the G because it will allow you to hold it and sustain the melody. You will use finger 4 to play the G at the beginning of measure 3 to set your hand in the right position to play the Aminor chord. Use the base of finger 1 to play the F# at the end of measure 2. Finger one must be seen as a finger that possesses 2 tips: both came in handy depending on the musical scenario you are dealing with.

Video 1
Asunción, April 3, 2013

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