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Bach Bourree in Bm BWV 1002

Bach, "Bourree in Bm (BWV 1002)"

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

The Bourree in B minor from BWV 1002 is perhaps one of the greatest Baroque pieces ever written. It is lively and well balanced and it fits the guitar so beautifully that it is hard to believe it was not actually written for the guitar. Bach was without a doubt a gifted musician and he fills this beauty with touches of geniality that make you shiver. I made my first transcription and fingering of the work with Maestro Abel Carlevaro in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1986. I recorded the piece in 1990 and prepared this final transcription and fingering this 26th of November 2014 for all my students and friends.

Staff and Video 1

Assign right hand fingers to each string so as to keep the right hand secure and the sound steady. If you do this, the Bourree will be yours in no time and mistakes will not enter your playing. The right hand fingering is essential in error free guitar playing.

Video 1
San Bernardino, November 26, 2014-December 1, 2014, Advent. S.D.G.

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