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Sagreras Julio S El Colibr

Sagreras Julio S., "El Colibrí"

Version and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

"Imitation of the flight of the Humming-bird" is the accompanying comment that Sagreras makes to the piece on the score along with a dedication to his daughter Clelia for whom he wrote the piece. The work will be played at a rather fast pace...actually, most contemporary players pay it too fast... The faster a piece is meant to be played, the slower it has to be practiced and played until all the moves have been incorporated to a subconscious level. Sagreras uses legato/slur (glissando) and a fast series of repeating sixteenth notes to achieve the effect of the fast rotating wings of this South American bird.

Fast repeating notes can be achieved in several different ways:
- Spply the planting "feel the string" with the tip of your finger prior to actually plucking the string. This will bring your fingers as close to the strings as possible.
- Use the a-i fingers combination if you want. These 2 fingers are generally identical in length.
- Make you own exercise and use different fingers combinations on different strings. Speed must be increased gradually and I strongly recommend you use  a metronome during the study process of fast pieces to prevent you from playing fast ahead of time.  The fingers combinations are : m-i; a-i, m-a and p-i.
 - Only when yo can play the piece throughout without mistakes, start working on speed.

Staff and Video 1

Do not use the rest stroke to play the fast sequence. What you need to do is use fijación (read about fijación here) to augment the volume projected. As you play passed the 12th fret, get the whole body involved in the playing. Before you play a musical staff, look at it and try to imagine the playing as much as possible. Only then, get your fingers on the fret board.

Video 1
Asunción, September 10, 2004
Revision: January 30, 2013

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