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Barrios Mangor Agustin Prelude in C minor TAB

Barrios Mangoré Agustin, "Prelude in C minor" (TAB)

Version and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

This prelude is a jewel. It is built around the singing top notes of arpeggios. Barrios' thorough knowledge of the guitar allowed for a choice of key and chords that only a top guitar player/composer could choose. If you add to this masterwork a couple of Bach preludes and Sor studies, you are on your way to build a great concert program. I changed the fingering recently, therefore,   I recommend you follow the NEW Scores published below and not the individual staffs.

Staff, TAB and Video 1

This Cm Prelude is constructed on the same harmonic sequence as the Prelude to La Catedral. The two singing notes on the upper part of the arpeggio resemble a bird singing. The player is posed a basic musical expression: Question and answer. The first arpeggio is the question and the second is the answer, although, being identical it is more like an echo. Changing the sound to the second arpeggios will enhance Barrios intention and the musical discourse.

Video 1
Revision: Santa Monica, CA, December 13, 2012
Revision: San Bernardino, Paraguay, December 5, 2016, S.D.G.
Revision: Asuncion, Nov 6 2023, S.D.G.

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