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Albniz Isaac Granada TAB

Albéniz Isaac, "Granada" (TAB)

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

About Albéniz, Granada

Between 1905 and 1908 he composes his greatest work: The Suite Iberia. Still considered the greatest Spanish contribution to the piano repertoire and, involuntarily, one of the greatest guitar collections. There is not a single guitarist in the world who does not incorporate an Albéniz piece to his repertoire. Remember? This is from the Asturias page. The problem is that as soon as the first Albéniz piece has been learned, a special urge starts calling for a second one.

Passion is at the heart of Granada. Most guitar players used to tremble when they saw the opening section of this masterwork due to the intimidating E12 Major chord at the very beginning. Look how intimidating the E12 chord is after some Carlevaro style thinking!

Staff and Video 1

The opening section must be studied in sub-sections. When lifting finger 3 from the B on string 4, avoid undesired noise by lifting the finger up and and not sideways. The opening section is repeated.  The opening chord must be arpeggiated (Refer to Compelmentary Video #2 to see how to best perform thh opening arpeggiated chord).  Bring out the E (string 3) played with the thumb p. The E is part of the main melody: E D# C# B C# D#. See how to bring out notes in chords with the complementary video below. Your right hand sequence will be p m a p.  Look at the videos below to learn how to bring out notes in chords, how to perform the arpeggiated chord and how to avoid string squeaks when moving finger 3 from the B to the D#.. The 2 hands must share the work in order to lighten up the effort required on the left hand.

Video 1
Complementary Video #1: How to Bring out Notes in Chords

The opening Arpeggiated Chord of Granada is like the signature reef of the piece. I love to bring out the E on string 3 from the pack.  Although the E precedes the other notes in the score the effect you get by putting it last is in my opinion far superior.

Complementary Video #2: "Arpeggiated" Chord Technique
Complementary Video # 3: Avoid Squeaks
November 22, 2006 
December 24, 2012
June 2, 2014

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