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Kansas Dust in the Wind

Kansas, "Dust in the Wind"

Fingering Renato Bellucci

Dust in the Wind is perhaps one of the best arpeggio sequences I have ever encountered. I can still remember vividly when my brother Ettore came home from school with the LP "Point of no Return" with the amazing portrait of the sailboat plunging to a doomish end at the entrance of a waterfall... We had just moved from Italy to Paraguay and we enrolled in the American School of Asuncion. The year was 1976 and the influence of the American Pop was obvious and my classmates and I were hooked on the piece upon hearing it for the first time. Learning how to play it was a MUST!

The real challenge of the piece is lodged in the right hand that must get a hold of the amazing riddle required to deliver the wonderful arpeggio: a+p-i-m-P-a-i-m. The sequence requires to be practiced separately until the fingers work in "auto mode". Once you get a hold of the basic arpeggio, you must then incorporate the melody which is originally sung by the vocalist of the group Kansas.

Arpeggio Sequence Explained

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Point of no Return, LP Cover
Renato Bellucci plays: "Dust in the Wind"

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Staff and Video 1

Dust in the Wind is perhas oe of the best arpeggio equences I have ever encountered. The real challenge of the piece is lodged in the right hand that must get  a hold of the riddle created by the wonderful arpeggio.

Video 1

Staff 1, Youtube LIVE, April 22, 2020

Live Youtube Masterclass, Dust in the Wind & Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Asunción, July 5, 2014
Updated: San Bernardino, Paraguay, May 5th 2015. New Recording. S.D.G.

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