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Barrios Mangor Agustin Julia Florida

Barrios Mangoré Agustin, "Julia Florida"

Fingering: Renato Bellucci
Alvaro Pierri Plays Villa Florida

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Alvaro Pierri is without any doubt the most prominent CarlevaroTechnique representative. This live rendtion of Julia Florida is a testimonyy to this truth. You have to look for a string squeak in order to find one in his playing such is the level of depuration of his left hand technique.  Julia Florida, Barcarola, is without a doubt one of my favorite Barrios' pieces. It is a love song Barrios wrote for a lady named Julia whom he passionately loved but one who would not accept or correspond to his love. Julia Florida is Barrios' equivalent of Beethoven's Fur Elise. The phrasing is natural and the guitar is at home throughout the work. The piece never abandons the 3 eighths note pattern nor the almost pedal like bass pattern that accompanies the ever moving dotted quarter notes. I get a wonderful feeling when I play the piece. Although very intimate, Barcarola wants to be shared with a world audience. 

Staff and Video 1

The motion of waves and the little boat is what Barrios had in mind when he wrote down the first measures of Barcarola (little boat). Bring out the A is measure 3 (green)  by stiffening (fijación) the thumb more than the i finger. I mark finger 1 with a yellow arrow to point your attention to the fact that I lift the finger perpendicularly to the string in order to avoid string squeaks. The string marked in red has to stand out because it carries the main melody. If you intend to pay the glissando (slide)from teh F# to the A, you must lean the hand backwards (towards teh head of the guitar) and go real fast between the 2 notes. Otherwise, I recommend you skip the slide altogether.
In the video below I show you how to bring out notes in chords.

Video 1
How to bring out notes in chords:
Asunción, October 26, 2007 
Asunción, January 15, 2013
Asunción, June 13, 2014

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