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Lionel Richie Truly

Lionel Richie, "Truly"

Truly, One of the best ballads of all times. This is a song that reaches the deepest places in my heart. Lionel Richie shows his amazing depth and mastery of music with this one of a kind masterpiece. This transcription had been in my mind for quite a long time and I am enormously happy to make it available to my students online. Great composers, no matter what their composing style is, have a means of getting to the deepest corners of our minds and souls. Lionel Richie is one of those masters that seem to have found the "shortcut" to this deep and intimate place. The piece uses a melodic resource that consists in making little change to the melody in the opening measures and relying the movement to the bass line. This augments the musical tension in the ear and when the phrases finally resolves, the release of tension is simply staggering. S.D.G.

Renato Bellucci plays: "Truly" S.D.G."

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Staff and Video 1

It is essential that you avoid string squeaks at all costs. The Fingers of the left hand lift perpendicularly from the strings.

Video 1
Asuncion, July 20, 2016, S.D.G.

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