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Gaspar Sanz Espaoleta

Gaspar Sanz, "Españoleta"

Arranged & Fingered by Renato Bellucci

Renaissance and Early Baroque music in general fit the classical guitar to perfection. For one thing, the harmonies are very honest and unpretentious. The Lute was a trendy instrument played throughout Europe by people belonging to every social level. The amount of oil painting depicting people playing the lute is simply staggering. Gaspar Sanz is definitely one of my favorite composers and he took the task of teaching  and exploring the possibilities of the lute and helped it change in a vihuela (earliest types of guitars). Sanz is an essential character in the development of the and I do not think that he is given the just amount of importance in classical guitar history.  Rhythmically you can use the dotted quarter note with freedom. I played several transcriptions in the past where the dotted quarter note was used more and it sounds very good as well. In some of the repetitions I offer in the recording I add a few dotted notes to create contrast.  Feel free to alter the rhythm to your liking.

Renato Bellucci plays: "Españoleta"

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Staff and Video 1

Video 1
San Bernardino, Paraguay, March 16, 2015, 4:56 PM, S.D.G.

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