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Bach Bourre TAB

Bach, "Bourrée" (TAB)

Transcription and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

The genius of Bach was ever more obvious when he used simple harmonic ideas to develop his thoughts. Bach teaches us that strict musical form does not restrict our freedom. Just as blood is restricted by our veins, amazing results and effects are achievable by the right tools in the right hands.

The idea here is contrary counterpoint in the 2 moving voices:
The bass goes G F# E and the main melody does exactly the opposite E F# G.

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Bourrée, from E minor suite, J.S. Bach. Renato Bellucci, Italy, 1987, Live.

Staff and Video 1

The 2 eight notes 1 quarter note model, is like the syllables of the Bourree. Breath normally through the opening section. Finger 4 is taken from the E on the first string to the D with a swift move of the arm that uses this glissando (slide) to change position on the fingerboard. I use the open strings to make the position changes (look at how I use open string 3 marked in yellow in the video) when I change position.

Bach Bourre TAB

Lever, a simple concept that helps the player to keep his left hand balanced. Read the technique pages for in-depth study of left hand pivot and lever. Notice how finger 2 stays in place while the arm brings finger 1 down to the F#.

Video 1

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