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Alvaro Carrillo Sabor a Mi Mexican Bolero

Alvaro Carrillo, "Sabor a Mi", Mexican Bolero

Transcription & Fingering: Renato Bellucci

Álvaro Carrillo Alarcón was a Mexican popular music composer and songwriter, and he wrote what I consider the best know of all Mexican Boleros: Sabor a Mi "Taste like me". 

He was born in Mexico, on December 2 1921, who died in a car accident on 3 April 1969. He wrote over 300 songs, mostly boleros (a Mexican-style rhythmic ballad), including the great hits Amor míoLuz de lunaSabrá DiosSeguiré mi Viaje and La Mentira

Although the piece is musically very simple, it offers quite a few challenges when it comes to left hand transitions and avoiding string squeaks at all costs because these literally kill the music. The proper use of fijaciónPerpendicular & transversal presentations as well as levers will take care of these. Getting the Elbow close to the side will allow you to reach the elusive bass notes on string 6 while holding a barre chord.

Renato Bellucci plays: "Sabor a Mi"

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Staff and Video 1

Getting the elbow in contact with the side of your body will help finger 4 reach the G on string 6. Levers on the other hand will help you make your left hand transitions smoother and help you minimize string squeaks.

Video 1 With Slow Motion
Asunción, August 21, 2014
San Bernardino, May 10, 2015: mp3

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