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Vivaldi Antonio Largo

Vivaldi Antonio, "Largo"

Italian Baroque

Antonio Vivaldi is often referred to as "The Italian Bach". I personally think it is a just comparison considering that Bach was the greatest musical humanity has ever had and Vivaldi composed some of the best Baroque music in Southern Europe. Bach's son recommended to his father Johannes that he incorporate Vivaldi's "joyful touch" to his compositions. Bach was humble enough to follow his son's advice and he incorporated his Italian counterpart ideas in his compositions. Vivaldi is lively and just as the German master would often do, he made greatness out of the most stunning simplicity. Such is the case with this Largo that was originally composed for Strings & Flute solo. I first heard the piece performed by the Australian maestro John Williams. It was about time that I incorporate this transcription to my online collection. 

Renato Bellucci plays: "Largo, Antonio Vivaldi" S.D.G."

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Staff and Video 1

Video # 1
Asunción, August 23, 2016. S.D.G.

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