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Barrios Mangor Agustin Ha Che Valle

Barrios Mangoré Agustin, "Ha Che Valle"

Version and Fingering: Renato Bellucci

I was asked to play Ha Che Valle (AKA Jha Che Valle) in one of the 2 scenes of the movie "Mangoré, for the Love of Art" where I play the part of a  Barrioss Student and close friend that studied with Barrios in San Salvador with other 5 students. In the scene, we are assisting the Maestro on his death bed. We then walk away from the bed and sit with our guitars to play Jha Che Valle (Oh My Valley) as an homage to our dying Maestro. Barrios founded a guitar academy in San Salvador where he thought until his very last days. I made a beautiful 3 parts-arrangement of the work for the movie but decided to offer an exclusive transcription of my own rendering of this emblematic work of the Paraguayan composer who knew how to elevate the Paraguayan Polka Style to previously unimaginable heights. I use Berta Rojas Master interpretation of the work to show the work.

Ha Che Valle, Berta Rojas Guitar

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I mark the strings that participate in the scale (run) with different colors to show that it is more an arpeggio than a scale.

Video 9

Staff and Video 10

Video 10, Final
Asunción, July 31, 2014
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